just because a male is married to a female doesnt mean he is straight and vice versa ok cool thank u

Well no shit Sherlock. John Watson here? We need to slap a basic bitch.

I’m bi too, you don’t think that I know all this shit? lol you’re fucking stupid if you don’t.

I’m a feminist and not only that but a PoC bisexual man, which is highly scrutinized here in Minneapolis. If you think I don’t know the issues that are affecting me and thousands of others you’re dumb as fuck and deserve not to produce children.

Billie Joel Armstrong has announced a hundred times that he’s not bi and that if he was he wouldn’t let affect his marriage. But I thought that was common knowledge.

Fucking retards.

If you say some dumb shit to me on anon, I’m gonna call you out on it cuz you’re a bitch. :)

Oh you poor soul, you know being bi means attracted to both sexes, Right , and you can end up marrying either ?

No shit dumbass lol